From Mamaw’s House…

By Marcella S. Meeks

     Let me introduce myself! I am Marcella from Logansport. My grandkids call me Mamaw, and all their friends call me Mamaw, too! That’s okay. I have thirteen grand kids, four and a half great grand kids. I’m a happy Mamaw…

     I’ll be writing about them all from time to time… especially the three that frequent my house on a daily basis, Tristin, Nicolas and Kendray.

     The last nine weeks have been really hard for this Grandma. I’ve been virtually homeschooling Kendray, and helping out Tristin and Nicolas as much as I can! My grandson Kendray has lived with me since he was about two months old. I raised him, and know everything about him, or so I thought. When the pandemic struck our country this year, and the schools shut down and everything went a little crazy, I chose virtual home schooling over traditional classes to be on the safe side of things.

     Kendray is a very good boy and respectful and minds me and loves me. But this last nine weeks of virtual home schooling makes me view teachers in a whole different light. Especially fourth grade ones!

     I’m not just saying that either.

     The last nine weeks have taught me a lot about Kendray, myself, teachers, school and about life. Let me be the first to say that I signed him back up for traditional classes at least for the next nine weeks and we’ll see how things goes. I sure hope and pray the Covid pandemic goes away quietly after the election. That would make me a happy Grandma.

     If I could grade myself this is how it would be done: C for trying, D for conduct (I was not good in class!), C for skills I could teach, B for getting started early, D for helping Kendray get through each class on time, and D because I whined and complained! and A for getting promoted from teacher’s assistant back to simply Grandma! Logansport High School, be ready because this grandson is on his way back to your fourth grade class after fall break!

     Oh, I loved having nine weeks of training with Kendray, Tristin and Nicolas but that’s all this Grandmother needs right now! I need a little time off now so I am sending Kendray back to school, and the other two will be training with their mom!

     Thank you fourth grade teachers (all teachers for that matter) for what you do for our kids and grandkids. You tolerate not one but several kids per class on a daily basis. You teach them well and help them grow up to be smart young women and men. Boys and girls don’t realize how blessed they are to be able to gain the knowledge they get from being taught by good teachers. May God bless each and everyone of you for you patience, love and guidance and the hard work you put in place to ensure our kids are taught. Teachers, all of you, I commend you for all you do. Thank you so much.

     This whole Covid-19 pandemic crisis has made it hard on a lot of people and I, like everyone else can’t wait till things get back to normal. This has been so hard not only for older people but the kids have all been affected too. They have been isolated from friends at church and at school. I see what it has done to my family. But we’re hanging in here and praying for things to get back to normal again real soon.

     DeSoto Parish schools are out for Fall Break this week so I decided I’d take the grandkids to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a couple of days. Of course we’re going to practice safety while we’re out – the routine social distancing thing (you know the drill).. I cannot wear the masks because of respiratory problems but it’s all good. I will be careful and wash my hands like I do right here. The kids, too.

     While we’re in Hot Springs, we’re going to take in the Maxwell Blade Magic Show if it’s open. We shall see how that works out.

     When we get home, and Kendray is back in school, and the house is quiet for a little while, I’ve got several writing projects to finish up. I’m working on three volumes of Christian children’s stories (book form) as well as my regular writing. I have several stories being published in Primary Treasure (Pacific Press), a Christian publication for children. Miss Crabtree and the Mangy Dog November 2020, and Jesus Answers Jessica’s Prayers April 2020. One of my stories for kids Jeremy’s New Friend, Lug was published in December 2019 in Smarty Pants Magazine for kids at

     My grandson Kendray wrote his first story and it will soon be published in Smarty Pants as well.

     That about sums it up at From Mamaw’s House… this week! Hope to see you here next week. If you have any news or announcements around the Logansport area that you’d like publicized, send me an email and tell me what you want me to write about.

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