For the courageous & strong at heart



This blog is for the courageous & strong at heart…

This is a new journey for me as I try to find myself!

You’re always welcome to comment, share and post here.
Most of the stories I will be sharing are my own but from time to time, I will gladly open posts to other bloggers and writers. Come along now and let’s get started…

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  1. Spiritual Warfare In Our Church
  2. My Thoughts on Blogging and Writing
  3. The Methville Community
  4. Black Moon Magazine Issue 3 is LIVE
  5. Heading West – Arizona, Here I Come
  6. Summer Vacation 2021
  7. WARNING: Armed and Dangerous
  8. I Have A Dream
  9. Late Night Worries
  10. My Friday Litter Rant
  11. Radiation Treatments Sucks
  12. My Rant Today
  13. My Rant Today – Abortion
  14. Asking for prayers…
  15. They’re No Better Than Anyone Else and Deserved To Be Charged Likewise
  16. 2020 Is Over… Covid-19 Go Away
  17. Colorado Fascination/Indian Intrigue – A Spiritual Awakening
  18. Things That Passionate Me!
  20. Journaling – I Remember That
  21. Two Of My Articles Are Published Here
  22. Have Faith In All You Do
  23. 2021 Happy New Year Snowman
  24. Happy New Year Snowman
  25. Reflections of 2020 – How The Pandemic Affected Our Travel Plans Last Summer…
  26. Woman of Courage – Where Is she?
  27. Dealing With Cancer, Again
  28. Laughter and Mini Trips – Good Medicine
  29. From Mamaw’s House…
  30. Who Is Protecting Our Children?
  31. The More You Stir Poop, The Worse It Stinks!
  32. Good, Healthy Habits Begins With You
  33. When Men Are Childish
  34. Hurricanes And Other Bad Weather
  35. Life Is Too Short
  36. Time to Rant
  37. Our Nation Needs to Return to Normal

  38. Are We That Stupid?
  39. Aunt Helen and Uncle Bud’s Country Home
  40. Setting Realistic New Year’s Resolutios and Goals 2020
  41. A Perilous Situation
  42. Special Toys
  43. Be careful what you pray for
  44. My Daddy
  45. Doing the Right Thing
  46. The Gifts of God
  47. An Innocent Lie
  48. Get Your Facts Right
  49. Forgiving Someone
  50. I seen a ghost
  51. Kendray, the core of my strength
  52. James’ Sixth Grade Crush
  53. (no title)
  54. Marvin and his raft
  55. True To My Word
  56. Bryan’s first day of kindergarten
  57. Melanie’s First Crush
  58. On the Outside, Looking In
  59. Summer Days, Straight From The Heart…
  60. What do you think? Why would my mama (or any mama for that matter) let her daughter get married at fourteen?
  61. who I am and why I’m here
  62. The List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously.
  63. I Can’t Fix Everything!
  64. Winter
  65. My Mama
  66. My Favorite School Clothes
  67. A Message From The Lord
  68. Back to school
  69. My closest friend is…
  70. The Glory of Spring
  71. Southern Homes!
  72. From tragedy comes strength
  73. Why Is Child Protection Services Failing Our Children? Why Didn’t They Protect 5-Year-Old AJ Freund?
  74. My Little Camper
  75. Interview With Kid Extraordinaire, Tristin Sean Owens
  76. From Failure to Success
  77. Starting A New Tradition for 2019
  78. Death of my son
  79. Outside My Window
  80. Yesterday
  81. Matters of the Heart
  82. My Poetic Version of Love’s Theme
  83. June and July are Two Great Months to Take Family Vacation
  85. A Strange Experience
  86. What? Cursive Writing Taken Out of Schools?
  87. Rafting With the Grand Kids
  88. An Amazing Moment
  89. On Being Successful
  90. Making A Change For The Better
  91. Eye For An Eye
  92. Recycling Aluminum Cans – A Family Affair
  93. My Favorite Movie
  94. How Can I Be Closer To God?
  95. Should Parents Censor the Internet (Or Not)?
  96. Small Town Verses City Life: My Preference
  97. Live On Ms. Phyllis Whitney, Live On!
  98. A Little Motivation Goes A Long Way
  99. My Personal Views On Air Pollution in Big Cities
  100. Are You A Couch Potato?
  101. Praying For The People In My Life
  102. My Fear as a Seventh Grader
  103. Enjoy Life!
  104. The Glory of Roses
  105. What Would You Like?
  106. A Few Things I Know Little About
  107. Cell Phone Junkies
  108. Stinky Baby Diapers, Hermit Crabs Sand & Bird Poop!
  109. The Day Brandie Was Born
  110. Summers At Hamel’s in Shreveport
  111. Delta Dawn
  112. A Friendship That Lasts Forever
  113. Hot Temperatures, Swimming Pools & Mini-Vacations
  114. My Rock and Fortress
  115. My Family, My Heroes
  116. Believing In Something Good
  117. Evening fatigue
  118. Chill In The Air – Almost Spring 2018
  119. What On Earth Am I Searching For?
  120. Ez Bobby There?
  121. What Christmas Means to Me – Do you Believe?
  122. These Are The Days of Our Lives
  123. See The World…
  124. Death…
  125. A Hand-Chosen Vessel
  126. If I Were To Move
  127. Making Memories Is Worth The Trip
  128. Winds of Change
  129. An Unforgettable Scraggly-Looking Fellow
  130. Rebuild Your Self-Confidence Spiritually
  131. Life’s Many Pleasures
  132. Snakes Are Snakes, No Matter How You Dice Them!
  133. Growing Up In The Early ’70’s
  134. My Little Town
  135. What’s The Rush? Slow It Down!
  136. The More You Stir Poop, The Worse It Stinks!
  137. Should Children Play With Toy Guns?
  138. What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You… Or Will It?
  139. LOST & FOUND
  140. Standing Tall in 2019
  141. Childhood Meals – Eat It or Go Without

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