About Me


This blog about a life lived, a real person – a woman who has faced death head on, overcome tragedies and sorrow, fear and the harsh punches that life has thrown her way along her journey. These are stories straight from the heart, and then a few thoughts that got caught up in the way. I am striving to rise above and beyond my trials, setbacks, failures, and health issues and the thing called life!

Marcy Simmons


I have been writing since 1988 – I have over 650 published credits in over 350 small press publications nationwide, and continue writing for local newspapers.

In 2005, my first book of poetry was published entitled Bittersweet Morsels, and I am working on several romantic suspense book projects at this time. One of my many passions is writing fiction and children stories – some of my children stories appeared in Pockets Magazine, Primary Treasure and Christian Educator.

In 1991, I graduated from THE INSTITUTE OF CHILDREN’S LITERATURE: Writing for Children and Teens; WRITER’S DIGEST SCHOOL : Nonfiction Writing; and ICS School of Short Story/Journalism.

Writer’s Blog Press

You can contact me at marcies1960@aol.com.


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