2020 Is Over… Covid-19 Go Away

Rants & Raves

The entire year of 2020 was somewhat upsetting for me starting with the offset of the whole Corona Virus crap (and that’s what it is!) There’s no doubt a virus just like there’s the flu, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, murder, suicide, accidents – you name it. People die from something everyday. What gets me is, Covid-19 has all of a sudden become the number one cause of death in this whole country. China and all these other countries sitting back there having a good laugh at our expense… This has been a government manipulated virus since day one. They used it to get Trump out of office and you darned well know it. But, I could care less about politics so I’ll let the whole mess go and hope and pray these wicked people who orchestrated this whole thing will let it go as well.

I look back, and see…

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