Colorado Fascination/Indian Intrigue – A Spiritual Awakening

Colorado Fascination/Indian Intrigue – A Spiritual Awakening

By Marcella S. Meeks

I have always been fascinated with the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I don’t know why but the beauty of these particular mountains move me in ways that is hard to understand. It’s almost a spiritual feeling. I am not particular fond of the cold weather months but I find spiritual healing in these mountains even then.

Ouray was always one of my favorite towns – it’s jut something about it nestled in the valley shadowed by mountains all around that excites my being. I haven’t been there in a few years although been close to it several times.

I think the reason I loved Ouray so much was because Jack took me there many years ago when we were so much in love and it had a true meaning for me then. We got married there years later. We took the kids there back in the early ’90s and they loved it as much as I did. Whatever the reason or why the Rocky Mountain intrigue me so much is still a puzzle to me even today. Someday I will go searching for the answers to my fascination.

Colorado has always been a mystical place to me anyway. I just can’t explain it. I have always been intrigued with Indians and their beliefs so the Indian ruins at Mesa Verde always intrigued me as well. I felt a spiritual connection with them almost as if they were my tribal ancestors. Also, the Anazani Indians from Colorado Springs as well. These Indians disappeared hundreds of years ago – probably from different kinds of diseases. Even so, I have always been intrigued by them and would love to spend time researching them and find out what my inner spiritual connection really means.

Is it because of my own Indian background that came from my parents? It’s hard to say but worth looking into someday before I leave this world. Having said this I think I’ll start doing some research and find out what Indian tribe that may have been a part of our life. I know my grandmother on my mother’s side was part Indian but I can’t remember what tribe, or where they were from. My own mother is dead now and all that information I could have got from her is buried with her. I’ll have to work hard to find that information now.

It’s time to start digging up the past and find out who my Indian ancestors were and figure out why I am so spiritually intrigued with the Indians of the Rockies. So I’m off on a journey on my own! I’ll post my findings here as it comes to me!

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