Things That Passionate Me!

There are several things in this life that I have always been passionate about: writing (and blogging now), serving the Lord, traveling and spending time with my family (kids, grand kids and now the great ones!) in whatever we do. I am also passionate about my animals and my work. As a whole, the things that passionate me make me happy, and when I am happy I am prosperous.

The last few weeks I have done a lot of soul-searching and started to prioritize the things in my life that I need to put first and fore most. I nearly lost my life during surgery in November 2020 and it made me start thinking about things. I want to live a happy and good life and serve the Lord in doing so, more so than ever before. The things that passionate me will be at the top of my list and I will strive to love my family and the Lord more and do the things I’ve always wanted to do like there is no tomorrow. Simply because we are not guranteed a tomorrow. Yesterday is dead and gone… Today is right now and tomorrow is out of sight.

So, right now, this day, with my priorities in the right place and my happiness bringing me to life, I am setting the wheels in motion and will start doing the things I’ve always wanted to do – starting today!

I may not be able to pack my bags and travel the country like I want to right now but I can sure sit down and write down my dreams. In a few weeks as soon as I am done with radiation, I want to pack my bags and me, Theresa and the three boys go to the Florida Keys. Don’t ask me why… I have always been intrigued with the tropics and the Florida Keys (possibly Key Largo) is as close as I’ll ever get!

I did manage to make it to Clearwater Beach one year for a week but that was it! I was so stressed because of money matters that I couldn’t enjoy it the way I wanted to. Plus I had three boys to deal with on my own and Tina and Shelby with us. We had a wonderful trip but it was hard on me for some unknown reason. I just didn’t plan that trip the way it should of been done. We had nothing to do except the beach and swimming pool, and it got a little boring for the older kids.

This year, I want to change that though. Getting things organized and in motion is my top priority for our Florida adventure coming up hopefully in February during winter break.

Theresa wants to move there. Her and the boys. Sounds exciting but I’m not totally convinced yet that Florida is where we need to be. Or where I actually want to be.

I am excited about going back to Florida especially with the Keys in mind but the East don’t intrigue like the West. No clue why that is… Every trip I think about is usually in the West. Though I haven’t made it to the West Coast yet, I sure think about it a lot… more so than Florida. But I am intrigued to some degree with the Florida Keys. I would love to drive over the International Highway. That would be awesome.

More later on what passionates me!!!

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