My Little Camper


My Little Camper
By Marcella S. Meeks

I bought a camper today – it is my very own camper I will cherish it forever. It will go on every trip with me from now on. I only paid $1 for it! Believe it or not, just $1. I love my little camper – it suits me just fine!
It is a very small camper – small enough that any vehicle can carry or pull it. It certainly won’t take up much space and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or electricity or water. You can bet it will be with me on every trip this summer.
Maybe I will repaint it soon and add some flowers or something on the walls and the roof to make it look Marcy-ish! Maybe not! But it’s mine to do with whatever I want to. I paid the dollar for it!
If you want one, I’m sure there are plenty more where this one came from! But you’ll have to buy your own.
When you get into town or city, run by family dollar store and look down the garden section isle – that’s where this one came from! Our store had a shelf designated for these little campers! Become a camper owner today!

Family Travel Host USA

My Little Camper


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